Statement by Presidential Spokesperson Ambassador İbrahim Kalın on “Democracy Rally against Coup” in Cologne


It is an unacceptable situation that German authorities block President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s participation via video conference in the “Democracy Rally against Coup,” which is set to be held in Cologne with the participation of representatives from various political parties, scores of NGOs and thousands of Turkish and German nationals.

The difficulties raised on account of security reasons during the preparatory process of the rally gained a new dimension with the Federal Constitutional Court’s ruling to uphold the blocking decision. It is against democracy and the freedom of expression and assembly to try to block de facto and de jure, instead of appreciating and encouraging, a rally that promotes freedom and the rule of law against the July 15 coup attempt.

Any citizen of the Republic of Turkey and any European citizen should take an open and clear stand against the bloody July 15 coup attempt in solidarity with our nation who repelled the coup. We really wonder about the true reason for which Germany’s local authorities and Federal Constitutional Court ruled to block a an address by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of a nation that thwarted FETO’s coup attempt, making history, and expect German authorities to offer a satisfactory explanation. It is quite meaningful that our President is now tried to be prevented with such trivial excuses from participating in an anti-coup democracy rally even though he has addressed this kind of events via video conference in the past.

It is unacceptable that authorities which had remained silent in past to the acts and demonstrations of the separatist terrorist organization are now working to bring under suspicion and block an anti-coup rally with such an excuse that “acts of violence might break out. Security precautions should not be taken against those who organize a democratic meeting, but against terror supporters and anti-democratic provocateurs.

I greet our brothers who had organized this democracy rally in spite of all obstructions from permission for the rally to the rentals in the area. I congratulate them for their clear and unwavering stand on the side of democracy against the coup.